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 SRB2 Super Sonic Wad

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PostSubject: SRB2 Super Sonic Wad   SRB2 Super Sonic Wad EmptySun Jan 17, 2010 6:48 am

Heres another wad i found,It's not mine,it belongs to it's orginal Owner and *pant* i don't claim it mine *faints*too much typing,had to type this forum and everything X.X.
Anyway Here it is.
SRB2 Super Sonic Wad Srb20013
SRB2 Super Sonic Wad Srb20014
SRB2 Super Sonic Wad Srb20015
SRB2 Super Sonic Wad Srb20016
He Can Change color in multiplayer too:.
SRB2 Super Sonic Wad Srb20017
SRB2 Super Sonic Wad Srb20018
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SRB2 Super Sonic Wad
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